• How About a Cocktail? – June Edition

    How is it June already??? We’ve been seeing so many amazing cocktails to try for the summer. From blended, to fruity, to refreshing…we feel like there is something for everyone. For the first time ever, we’ve actually had time to make a few of these to ensure that they are as good as they look.… [Continue Reading]

    How About a Cocktail? – June Edition
  • Meal Plan – Week of June 1st

    This week the kids are going back to school and I have mixed emotions. It’s been fun as well as challenging having them home while we’ve been working.  I worry that they’ll get sick or they’ll bring something home however I know they will be so much happier seeing their teachers and friends. Literally everyday… [Continue Reading]

    Meal Plan – Week of June 1st
  • Mel’s Wish List Items

    These days I’m consumed with getting items for the house since I’m stuck in it ha! I’ve rounded up the items that are currently in my cart/wish list.  One item I see a lot of people have is the robot vacuum.  Since the kids, ok and partly us (except me, I never make a mess… [Continue Reading]

    Mel’s Wish List Items