• Meal Plan – Weed of 3/15

    Jen is taking the week off so I’m going to share my meal plan and prep! I made all this the week prior, mainly because I like to test any new recipes. I don’t want you to be eating something that isn’t that good. These were all a hit! I think my favorite is the… [Continue Reading]

    Meal Plan – Weed of 3/15
  • How About a Cocktail – March Addition

    We are so excited to be brining “How About a Cocktail” back! Don’t worry, we’ve still be sampling cocktails while we were taking a break! This month I rounded up some delicious drinks as we head into Spring, hopefully sooner rather than later! Plus all the cocktails are good for you, they have fruit or… [Continue Reading]

    How About a Cocktail – March Addition
  • Meal Plan – Melissa

    I felt out of practice writing this post since I haven’t done it, well a really long time! You guys asked for the meal plan and prep back so you shall receive! This time Jen and I will switch off on what we have planned for the week. I do more prepping where as Jen… [Continue Reading]

    Meal Plan – Melissa